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Henan Lite Refractory Co.,Ltd is specialized in refractory manufacture ,Engineering Construction , Also new technology research & popularization and application for high temperature industrial furnace. The company possess the independent import & export certification, service the customers domestic & worldwide. Developed to be the technological manufacturer and service-type enterprise in the field of refractory for furnace engineering and technology.

We have a strong technical force, Cultivated first-class team whom possess rich experience of technological innovation & engineering design and construction for refractory engineering major project. In the technological team there are more than 10 senior research design personnel own the Advanced Level Accountant, More than 10 personnel are engineer, and more than 20 technicians.

Company main business: 1. Pebble bed hot blast stove reconstruction project (Refractory ball transformed check work). 2. Refractory and Engineering general contracting for pelletizing shaft furnace. 3. Refractory and Engineering general contracting for metal mixer & hot metal ladle. 4. Refractory and Engineering general contracting for lime shaft kiln.5. Refractory and Engineering general contracting for submerged arc furnace. 6. Offer technology service and non-fused & fused several types refractory for regenerator- melting end-working end - forehearths of various kinds glass furnace. 7. Refractory for circulating fluidized bed boiler. 8. Refractory for Coke Oven. 9. Refractory for Carbon Calcinating kiln.
Company main products: 1.Corundum-mullite bricks 2. The blast furnace high-alumina brick 3. The blast furnace fireclay brick 4. For the hot blast stove anti-thermal shock, low-creep high alumina series. 5. Anti-thermal shock fireclay brick for hot blast stove. 6. Machine pressed low-creep refractory-ball. 7. Light weight insulation series refractory. 8. AL2O3-SiC-C brick. 9. Special refractory acid-proof brick. 10. Low-porosity high-RUL special brick. 11. Wear-resisting refractory plastic mixing. 12. Wear-resisting refractory castable mixing.
Company adhere to the scientific and technological innovation,Pay more attention to the type of combination manufacture & research and study new knowledge, Cooperated with many famous college & university and research institution from years ago respectively to ensure the company have the innovate ability. We have successfully developed dozens of the domestic leading technology with independent intellectual property rights. Henan LiTe Refractory Co., Ltd have diversified technical service framework from the initial state, So the company lay good foundation for offering the clients economic and reliable energy services.

The company is very pay attention to the integration and perfection of industrial chain & technique chain, Covers an area of 20000 square meters for refractory manufacturing base ensure the refractory products perfect quality and superior performance. Have a professional construction team of more than 30 people, combine with the superior refractory production, So we possess the ability to offer our customers safety & efficient and environmental total solution.

Concurrently our company pay more attention to the service platform construction, Business network has covered various provinces and cities domestic. Also the products and service expanded to the country as Iran Turkey Vietnam Malaysia India and Kazakhstan, etc.
“Science-Technology Innovation, Cooperation for both-winner”, Henan LiTe Refractory Co., Ltd devote ourselves to do the best with every project, offer the optimization program to meet the clients requirements, Also tailor-made the best quality and performance furnace refractory engineering project for our customers.