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Ceramic Fiber module
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Ceramic Fiber module

  • Refractoriness: 1260/1350℃
  • Density: 220~280kg/m3
  • Application: Heat insulation
  • Package: plastic bag inside,Carton outside

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Ceramic fiber module is a new refractory lining product in order to simplify and speed up the furnace construction and improve the lining integrity.Ceramic fiber module,pure white,normal size,can be directly fixed on the anchor bolt of industrial furnace steel sheet,with a good fireproof and thermal insulation,which increase the furnace refractory insulation integrity and improve the furnace lining technology.

1.Excellent chemical stability
2. Excellent thermal stability
3.Excellent flexibility, the module is in pre-compression state, after the lining masonry
4.The Expansion of modules enable seamless lining,fiber lining can be compensated to improve
5.Insulation performance of Fiber lining, and the overall performance is good
6.Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance
7.Ceramic fiber module can be installed quickly, and anchors set in the wall lining, which can lower the requirements of anchor Material.

1.Furnace lining and insulation of furnace in Petrochemical industry,
2.Furnace lining and insulation of furnace in Metallurgical industry
3.Furnace lining and insulation of furnace in Ceramics,glass and other building materials industry,
4.Furnace lining and insulation of heat treatment furnace in heat treatment circle,
5..Other industrial furnace lining.