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Refractory cement plays an irreplaceable role in high-temperature industrial facilities and special building construction due to its excellent high temperature resistance. Proper mixing and use of refractory cement is key to ensuring its performance. The following is a basic guide to mixing and using refractory cement.

1.In the proportion of refractory cement, the cement composition accounts for about 15.5% and the fine aggregate accounts for about 30%, and then water is added to mix. Note that the amount of water used may be slightly less than that of ordinary cement, and the drying speed will be faster.

2.The use of refractory cement does not require the addition of other additives, but some refractory aggregates and powders can be added to improve its performance.

3.The curing period of refractory cement is 3-6 hours, and then water must be provided in time for moist curing, the temperature is 15-25°C, and the curing period is not less than 3 days.

4.Refractory cement must not be mixed with Portland cement, lime and other cementitious substances that can precipitate calcium hydroxide.

5.Refractory cement is generally not allowed to be poured into large volumes of concrete, and the thickness should not exceed 0.3 meters.



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