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Introduction to anchor bricks

Anchor bricks, also known as hanging bricks, are made of high-quality raw materials, machine-pressed or poured, and then sintered at high temperatures.

Anchor bricks play an important role when building straight walls, which can improve the integrity of the wall.

The alumina content of anchor bricks is more than 55%, and the alumina content of high-quality anchor bricks can reach 75%. The load softening temperature of this type of bricks reaches 1550°C, which is an excellent refractory brick product. But in general, anchor bricks with an alumina content of 55% are chosen because anchor bricks with a 55% content have better flexibility.

In addition, it should be noted that anchor bricks are used to anchor refractory castables. The properties of the anchor bricks should be consistent with the material of the castables, and the expansion and contraction should be consistent, so that they can form a tight combination with the castables and extend the life of the furnace lining.

The arrangement and construction of anchor bricks during use should follow the following principles:

1. The arrangement of anchor bricks should be determined according to the range and frequency of temperature changes and the size of the direct wall area, and should usually not be less than 6 pieces/m2.

2. Anchor bricks must be carefully inspected before masonry. If the anchor bricks have cracks at the anchor holes that affect the overall strength of the anchor bricks, they cannot be used and should be discarded.

3. When the masonry is close to the position of the anchor bricks, you should take the trouble to arrange the bricks in advance to determine the exact position of the anchor bricks. Use a wire brush to thoroughly clean the welding parts of the metal shell, and use welding rods that are suitable for the welding parts to ensure firm welding. Good anchor tube.

4. After the anchor bricks are laid, insert the anchor hooks, fill them with refractory fiber felt and plug them tightly to provide certain protection for the anchors.


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