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Introduction To The Performance of Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Magnesia carbon bricks are made of magnesia sand, dead-burned magnesia sand, fused magnesia sand, high-purity magnesia sand, high-quality graphite and bauxite additives. The price of magnesia carbon bricks has a great relationship with the graphite content in the bricks. With the increase of graphite content, the strength of the bricks decreases, the thermal expansion rate decreases, and the residual expansion rate increases.

Therefore, the graphite content in the bricks should be controlled at about 20%. Magnesia carbon bricks have low wettability to slag and have excellent resistance to peeling and erosion. They are suitable for the slag line of the ladle, especially for multi-furnace continuous casting. In order to meet the needs of producing clean steel, the application area of magnesia carbon bricks has been expanded from the slag line to the side wall during refining in the ladle.

Mainly used for the lining and steel outlet of steelmaking oxidation converter, hot spots of high-power electric furnace wall, and lining of refining furnace outside the furnace, slag line of steel ladle, etc. During the smelting process, the use conditions and damage conditions of various parts of the converter are different. In order to achieve balanced corrosion, different magnesia carbon brick models are selected for different parts of the converter under different use conditions.


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