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Lite Refractories’ trip to Vietnam to jointly chart the development of green manufacturing

Facing the challenge of global climate change, Henan Lite Refractory Materials Company responded to the call for green manufacturing with practical actions and brought the concept of green development into the Vietnamese market. During this trip, the company’s senior management will introduce in detail its innovative practices in the research and development of environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving and emission reduction processes, and conduct in-depth discussions with Vietnamese partners on how to promote industrial upgrading and achieve sustainable development to seek a win-win future.

During this visit, the company will focus on introducing its practices and achievements in the research and development of environmentally friendly refractory materials, application of energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies, and safety production management, advocating the concept of green manufacturing, and working with Vietnamese customers to promote the sustainable development of the industry and to build a Contribute to a greener, healthier planet.

The start of the overseas visit tour of Henan Lite Refractory Materials Company not only indicates that the company has taken a solid step on the road to internationalization, but also a vivid reflection of the deepening of economic and trade cooperation between China and Vietnam and even Central and Southeast Asia. Deepen strategic collaboration with global partners to create a better future for the refractory industry and contribute the power of “Made in China” to promote global industrial progress.


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