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Lite’s experienced team of refractory specialists, or LitePartners, are available to assist you in your operations. No matter what your challenge, we offer superior customer service and unmatched refractory expertise to help you be successful in your heat containment applications.

Lite offers our customers:
1.Fast lead time on your refractory deliveries
2.Quick response to your refractory questions and requests
3.Expertise in refractory installation safety
4.Decades of experience in refractory research and development
5.Outstanding refractory product performance

1.Fast lead time
We are dedicated to meeting your refractory delivery demands every time.
We will ship it when you need it, or your freight is FREE.

Lite is the only major monolithic refractory solutions provider that absolutely guarantees on-time delivery of your refractory materials. No matter when you need it, we can deliver your refractories to meet your demanding schedule.
The industry lead time for refractory materials can be anywhere from one to six weeks. But,Lite is dedicated to meeting your delivery needs, not ours. How? We carry a large inventory of raw materials that are batched upon receipt of your order. We simply never run out of raw materials; we stand ready to manufacture and ship your materials as soon as we receive your order.

2.Quick response
Lite’s monolithic refractory R&D and engineering teams are always available to respond to your most pressing questions and requests in the same day. If you require assistance on any of our refractory products, or have a question on a refractory installation or application, we will be sure to quickly respond to your needs. Call us in the morning, and we will respond, at the latest, that same day. Contact us in the afternoon, and we’ll get back to you, at the latest, the next morning.
We’re here to help you. Contact Lite and we’ll get back to you right away.

3.Focus on Safety
Rely on our National Safety Manager for his expertise before and during your refractory installation.
Safety is the most critical consideration in refractory installation and construction. Therefore, safety is our number one objective at Lite.
Because of our commitment to safety,Lite invests in a full-time, on-staff National Safety Manager. Our refractory Safety Manager is knowledgeable on the most current safety regulations as they relate to refractory installation and construction, and is available to assist you in safety planning, training and safety monitoring before and during installation.

Lite’s Commitment to Safety
1.Safety is supported and encouraged by upper management.
2.Safety is a company-wide practice and belief that is expected on the job and in our daily lives.
3.Safety trained job site leadership with our Safety Manager is available to oversee any project.
4.Safety experienced supervision and leadership manage every project.
5.Safety trained workforce in job-specific safety, as well as traditional safety topics, is required.
6.Safety meetings are held to train and educate employees on safety regulation, policies and procedures.

4.Rich R&D experience
We are ready to partner with you on your next refractory challenge.
In recent decades,Lite has led the industry in the research and development of refractory materials. Our team of refractory and ceramics scientists offer decades of refractory expertise for our customers.
In addition to providing our high-quality standard refractory materials, our Lite R&D scientists will work with you to develop custom refractory products for your unique application. Our customers can expect rapid turnaround on existing material modifications, and new materials development, from our full-time, on-staff R&D department.

5.Outstanding QC management system
You can count on our proven and tested refractories.
Lite’s high-quality monolithic refractories are the direct result of our strict quality control procedures and extensive testing capabilities. Our Quality Control on-staff laboratory technicians make up our Lite Quality Control team. This dedicated team controls our incoming raw materials, internally processed raw materials and finished product.
To ensure product performance, our Quality Control team utilizes our on-site testing laboratory to perform tests on every incoming raw material and every outgoing batch of finished refractory product. They also perform both standard and specialized tests per customer requests. Our development and testing team not only refine existing products, but will also develop custom refractory products per our customers’ application requirements.