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What is an anchor brick?
Aluminate cement factory
Advantages and applications of aluminate cement
Refractory cement factory
How about refractory cement?

Introduction to anchor bricks

Anchor bricks, also known as hanging bricks, are made of high-quality raw materials, machine-pressed or poured, and then sintered at high temperatures. Anchor bricks play an important role when building straight walls, which can improve the integrity of the wall. The alumina content of anchor bricks is more than 55%, and the alumina content of […]

Introduction and classification of calcium silicate boards

Introduce Calcium silicate board is made of loose short fibers such as inorganic mineral fibers or cellulose fibers as reinforcing materials, and siliceous-calcium materials as the main cementing material. It is pulped, molded, and accelerated in high-temperature and high-pressure saturated steam to form a Plate made of calcium silicate gel. It is a new type […]

Product characteristics and application areas of silicon carbide rods

High operating temperature, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, long life, small deformation, many models, easy installation, simple maintenance, etc. Now it is widely used in high-temperature fields such as electronics, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, ceramics, glass, semiconductors, analysis and testing, scientific research, etc., and has become a tunnel kiln, roller kiln, glass kiln, […]