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What are the uses of castables?
What is an anchor brick?
Aluminate cement factory
Advantages and applications of aluminate cement
Refractory cement factory
How about refractory cement?

What are the uses of castables?

1.Construction: Castables are usually used for pouring concrete. For example, in foundation engineering, castables can fill the foundation, enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation, and make the building more stable. In underground pipeline construction, castables can also be used to fill the gaps around the pipeline to enhance the structural strength of the pipeline […]

Advantages and applications of aluminate cement

Aluminate cement, also known as high-alumina cement or calcined aluminate cement, is a special refractory cement made from ore (such as kaolin, bauxite, coal gangue, etc.) as raw materials and calcined at high temperature. The main component of aluminate cement is calcium aluminate (CA), which has a high aluminum oxide (Al2O3) content, usually between 40%-70%. […]

How to prepare and use refractory cement?

Refractory cement plays an irreplaceable role in high-temperature industrial facilities and special building construction due to its excellent high temperature resistance. Proper mixing and use of refractory cement is key to ensuring its performance. The following is a basic guide to mixing and using refractory cement. 1.In the proportion of refractory cement, the cement composition […]

Lite Refractories’ trip to Vietnam to jointly chart the development of green manufacturing

Facing the challenge of global climate change, Henan Lite Refractory Materials Company responded to the call for green manufacturing with practical actions and brought the concept of green development into the Vietnamese market. During this trip, the company’s senior management will introduce in detail its innovative practices in the research and development of environmentally friendly […]