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CA-80 Refractory Cement
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CA-80 Refractory Cement

  • Al2O3: ≥77%
  • SiO2: ≤0.5%
  • Refractoriness: 1770℃
  • Application: AS binder for making castable

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Refractory cement also is called bauxite cement,high alumina cement,aluminate cement.
1.General refractory cement:made by high alumina bauxite and limestone materials
2.High pure refractory cement:made by industrial alumina and limestone
1.Rapid-hardening,high strength.
2.High refractoriness,high-temperature service
3.Good resistance to corrosion,high wear resistance.
4.High thermal shock stability.
5.Low thermal conductivity,low liner shrinkage.
6.Good integrity with furnace lining, easy operation,
7.Allow direct contact of fire, suitable for various atmosphere
1.Construction of sulfate corrosion resistance and high temperature proof.
2.Used in rush repairs, leakage stopping , resistance to sulfate attack.
3.Ideal binder for refractories such as refractory concrete, refractory castable, ramming mixing, gunning mixing and manmade marble bricks.
4.Used as ceramic adhesive.
5.Used for sealing coating products and refractory mortar.


1.Plastic bag(25kg), Kraft bag (25 kg), Plastic bag(1 ton);
2.1 ton on pallet with plastic film
3.As per customer’s request

Delivery Time:
1.Samples:4 days for samples;
2.Batch goods:Within 10-20days.