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High alumina mortar
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High alumina mortar

  • Refractoriness: ≥1760-1780℃
  • Capacity: 80tons/day
  • Application: Basic fire brick masonry
  • Package: Kraft bag or Plastic bag

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Refractory mortar is also as known as joint filler, it is composed of a certain particle ratio of refractory powder, binder and additive, pour water or liquid binder to tune into a paste.
1.Refractory powder
According to the difference of refractory powder,common mortar are clay based,high alumina based,silica based,magnesia based, corundum based,mullite based,zircon based,insulation based etc.Generally. The material of refractory mortar and the material of refractory brick are basically identical.
2.Binder--Cement,phosphoric acid or phosphate,sodium silicate.

1.Granularity standard,
2.Good liquidity and plasticity,
3.High refractoriness,high refractoriness under load,
4.High adhesive strength,
5.Good gas tightness,small gap for construction,
6. Corrosion resistance, good slag resistance,
7.Good resistance to chemical attack
8.Thermal expansion coefficient is low.
9.Low shrinkage at high temperature
10.Good volume stability,good structural integrity,
11.Long working time

Generally the material of refractory mortar and the material of refractory brick are basically identical. For example high alumina brick is used for laying and repairing high alumina brick masonry construction of hot blast stoves,boiler etc industrial furnace kiln.

1.Plastic bag(25kg), Kraft bag (25 kg), Plastic bag(1 ton);
2.1 ton on pallet with plastic film
3.As per customer’s request

Delivery Time:
1.Samples:4 days for samples;
2.Batch goods:Within 10-20days.