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What is an anchor brick?

High-alumina anchors refer to high-alumina refractory bricks with a specific shape that are installed on the steel structure of the industrial kiln shell or supporting the furnace lining and embedded in the refractory lining to serve as anchors and links.

Anchor bricks are generally used in furnaces, also called hanging bricks. They are a new type of anchor bricks for industrial furnaces, especially for industrial furnace roofs, including a column composed of a hanging end and an anchor body, and grooves distributed at intervals on the surface of the anchor body. Ribs are arranged along the length direction on at least one surface of the anchor body. After the ribs are arranged, the tensile and flexural strength of the anchor body is significantly improved due to the reinforcement and pulling effect of the ribs. The stress generated at the groove is blocked at the ribs and cannot be further transmitted, so the anchor bricks of this structure are not easy to break.

From material selection to finished products, every step embodies our ultimate pursuit of quality. Henan Lite Refractory, as a professional manufacturer of anchor bricks, we not only provide products, but also provide peace of mind. Whether in steel smelting or cement production, our anchor bricks are your reliable choice. Your trust is the driving force for our progress. We sincerely invite you to consult, witness the miracle of refractory materials together, and jointly open a new chapter of industrial safety and efficiency.


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