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Glass industry

Introduction to glass kiln

Glass kiln is a kind of equipment specially used for glass manufacturing. It usually consists of furnace body, burner, temperature control system, transmission device and glass product outlet. The interior of the furnace body also includes the insulation layer, combustion chamber, glass pool and other parts. Refractory materials are an important component of the glass melting furnace. They play a decisive role in glass quality, energy consumption and product cost.

Classification of glass kilns

The tempered glass furnace is a furnace that heats ordinary flat glass or laminated glass at a certain temperature, and then uses forced cooling to bring the glass surface to a state of compressive stress. The glass processed by the tempered glass furnace has the characteristics of high compressive strength and small particles after fracture. It has high safety and wide application range. The tempered glass furnace is characterized by tight temperature control and high production efficiency.
A float glass furnace is a piece of equipment used to produce flat glass. The glass raw material is heated to a softened state, floated on a tin bath and then cooled to form. The production process of float glass needs to be carried out at high temperature and has the characteristics of high production efficiency, fast production speed and uniform glass product quality.

Glass kiln application products